Terms and Conditions

The following is a copy of the policies that are agreed to when registering a player on QCSA’s My Club Mate portal;


I give permission for my child/self (player 18 years and over) to participate in the 2023 QCSA soccer season. I understand that the nature of the activities of the soccer season will include, but may not be limited to training sessions, games and club activities during the season, and the risks that may arise during these activities.

I hereby authorise the coaches, managers and club officials in charge of Logan United Christian Soccer Club or the particular activity in which my child/self is involved to consent, where it is impractical to communicate with me, for my child/me to receive such medical or surgical treatment as the leaders and qualified medical practitioner may deem necessary at any time during the soccer season. I further authorize the use of ambulance and/or anesthetic by a qualified medical practitioner if in his/her judgment, it is necessary. I accept responsibility for payment of all expenses associated with such treatment.

I understand that every effort will be made by the coach, manager or club official firstly to contact the abovementioned person/s in the event of accident or illness.

My child/I agree to abide by the guidelines of the LOGAN UNITED CHRISTIAN SOCCER CLUB and THE QUEENSLAND CHRISTIAN SOCCER ASSOCIATION and to participate in all aspects of the 2023  season. I understand that registration fees are non-refundable except where a player receives an injury prior to the commencement of the fixture season which excludes that player from participation in the activities of that season in its entirety.

I further agree to indemnify and hold indemnified the Real Life Christian Church, its agents, servants, voluntary workers against all claims and losses of every kind out of or in connection with my child’s/my participation in the 2023 QCSA SOCCER SEASON.

I certify that the particulars on this confidential medical report are complete and correct.

Grading Policy

I understand players participating in Under 11’s through to Seniors may be graded where there is more than one team in an age group so as to ensure the teams are competitive within the nominated QCSA division for the season. I understand that while the club aims to build consistency within a team from one season to the next it is not always possible to do so and the teams may vary from year to year. I accept when grading occurs that the final decision is made by the Director of Coaching.

Photo Permission

I hereby give permission for my child/self to be photographed/videoed or featured in any newsletter, club presentation, Facebook, Instagram and/or on the club website unless I advise otherwise by emailing the club secretary at secretary@lucsoccer.com.