Our Team

Our Team is made up of a group of parents who volunteer their time to serve their club and community.

Committee Members

Steve Medford

I oversee and help coordinate a team of passionate individuals to not only run a Soccer Club but to run a Soccer Ministry. Fostering an environment fit for Families and Friends. A growing community where you know there is always someone there for you in sport and life.

James Colefax

Vice President
James has many years with the club and provides a vital role in the strategic vision and running of the club.  

Daniel Cobanov

Coaching Director
Coaching gives me the opportunity to serve our local community and have a positive Christian influence in the lives of players and their families on and off the field. I want to make sure your children are having fun, learning new skills and becoming the best they can be on the soccer field.

Beth Dovey

Fixtures Officer
Beth's role is to assist managers and coaches with rescheduling games throughout the season. If your team needs to reschedule a game, please contact her as soon as possible to allow enough time to contact the other club and the QCSA.

Priyath Sandanayake

Registrar U5-U15/16
Priyath's role is co ordinate and register U5 to U15/16 players. Please contact him for any registration queries for players in these age groups.  For U17/18-Senior registrations please contact the Registrar Seniors

Andrew Haddock

Registrar U17/18- Seniors
Andrew's new role is co-ordinate and register U17/18 to Senior players. Please contact him for any registration queries for players in these age groups.  For U5-U15/16 registrations please contact the Registrar Juniors

Brett Long

Director of Managers
I strongly believe that between local churches, schools and sport clubs we can build strong community and relationships. Something that is getting harder to do in today's larger cities.

Rod Taylor


Adam Low

Real Life Christian Church - Lead Pastor

Paige Colefax

Events Co-ordinator

Amy Medford

Uniforms Officer

S.E Zones Co-ordinator

S.E Zones Co-ordinator

Michelle Williams

The club is a great way to meet people within the community.

Rob (Bob) Briggs

I see sport as a mechanism that affords us the opportunity to speak Christian principals into the lives of our young children. I firmly believe that if we teach skills for soccer, a team sport, that those skills are also skills for life.

Naomi Flenady

Results Officer