Club Awards

Below is a list of past club award winners

Year Michael Burridge Memorial Shield  Coach Most Dedicated & Willing to Serve Bob Briggs Service & Dedication Award Wayne Curtis Players Player Award JUNIOR & SENIOR Karen Schloss Club Excellence Award LUCSC LIFE MEMBER
1999 David Weeks & Chris Allan
2000 Hugh Cadman
2001 Mervyn Cupples & William Hadden
2002 Rick Burston & James Colefax
2003 Steve Medford & Mike Moir
2004 Greg Beech & Mitchell Simpson
2005 Rod Taylor & Mike McClune Eric Smith & Isaac Watson
2006 Chris Paech & Alison Nicholson Evan Griffiths
2007 Andy Pattinson & Emma Edwards Daniel Campbell & Joseph Kenway Jeff Watson
2008 Mitchell Simpson & Fiona Edgerton Tony Makelainen & Chris Williams
2009 Chris Paech, Ben Cheviot & Damian Elliott Amelia Dennett & David Stedman
2010 Jeff Watson & Graham Henry Chris Paech & Benjamin Watson
2011 Chris Williams & Lana Ambrose Colin Ginger & Jacob Stace
2012 Jose Torres & Cheryalynn Williams Chris Williams, L. Smith & Isaac Ford
2013 Vicky Merry, Hayden Clothier & Cherene Henry Nicholas McCorkell & Ben Watson
2014 Richard Glen & Naomi Flenady Ben Watson & Jack Allanson
2015 Scott Exton, Murray Collingwood & Gail McLellan Ryan Andrews & Jordan Williams
2016 Luke Nabbs & Alison Price Ben Watson & Seth Yako
2017 Paige Colefax, Daniel Allanson, Eddie Taylor & Paul Forster Jamie Pegg & Terrel Augtine Michael Burridge, Wayne Curtis, Andrew Haddock, Stephanie Hodgson & Paul Tattersall
2018 Brendan Sayers & Lindsay Foster Balian Clarke & Chris Papadimtriou Karen Schloss & Bob Briggs
2019 Daniel Cobanov & Sue Andrews Josh Jubber & Richard Glen James Colefax & Rodney Taylor
2020 Adam Burston, Colin & Shirley Lewis
2021 Kath Cook & Murray Roberts Warren Lowth & Ben Hughes
2022 Stephen and Michelle Hughes

Amy Lloyd

Ryan Andrews

Andrew Bruce & Ben Waters
2023 Jake Biddle & David Merry Chris Pascoe & Levi Docking Cecil Dowden

Naomi Greenshields


Karen Schloss Club Excellence Award

This award adheres to the following attributes and focused on those that are not in an active volunteer role, Coach, Manager or Committee Member.
     1. Positive Role Model: Sets an exceptional example for other parents, players, and volunteers, embodying the spirit of honour, respect & encouragement.
     2. Champion of Club Values: Consistently upholds the club’s values of integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork, both in interactions within the club and beyond.
     3. Dedicated Support: Provides consistent and dedicated support to the Team’s activities, attending games, practices, and events with enthusiasm. Demonstrates a deep commitment to  their child’s/partner’s/friend’s/family member’s soccer journey.