2022 Registrations are open

2022  Registrations are open with the Physical Sign on day fast aproaching on Jan 29th. Secure your place in a team today! Click here for Registration details   More

Christmas Message for 2021

Rob Briggs - Chaplain, Logan United Christian Soccer Club Dei sub numine viget”    ! ! ? ?  How is your Latin? “Dei sub numine viget” If it is anything like mine it is just a bunch of meaningless characters. It was definitely not on my high school curriculum. So what does it mean? Well turning to ‘Mr. ... More

Club Calendar

Please note the updated Calendar for 2022 with Club and QCSA events published for the year. You can use the calendar for dates such as Club Day, Round 1 and QCSA Finals. Click the Calendar link below or click the link under Club Info on the main page. https://lucsoccer.com/calendar/   More

2022 Early Bird Registration is now open

Early Bird Registration for the 2022 season is now open until December 7th. https://lucsoccer.com/registration/ More


Rob Briggs - Chaplain, Logan United Christian Soccer Club 27-10-21 Numbers! ! ! We can’t really live without them can we? Especially when we are buying a house or the weekly groceries, or when the boss pays you at the end of each week. Numbers are important, but we should not get too wrapped up in them. ... More


Rob Briggs - Chaplain, Logan United Christian Soccer Club 10-07-2021 A CARROT, an EGG or a CUP of COFFEE ? In our last chat I asked you the question, ‘Do You Have a Long Nose’? And we discussed how anger causes you to screw up your face making your nose appear shorter. We discovered how God is slow to anger and ... More


Rob Briggs - Chaplain, Logan United Christian Soccer Club 01-06-2021 DO YOU HAVE A 'LONG NOSE'? How often, in your everyday conversations, have you used phrases like; ‘they were just hanging out’ or ‘he’s got blood on his hands’ or maybe ‘to kick the bucket’ or even ‘baloney’ . You know exactly ... More


Rob Briggs - Chaplain, Logan United Christian Soccer Club (08-03-21) Why is it so important to us to remember the significant dates in our life? The experiences we have lived through, the happy times and maybe some of the events that caused us some pain. I suppose for me it helps to be able to learn lessons of what ... More

Club Day 20th March!!!

Please save the 20th March for the annual preseason Club Day. Starting at approx 8am and finishing around 1pm the club day is the one day when the whole club gets together. It will be held at the Calvary Christian College - Carbook fields. Each team will play one game and there will be activites for the young and ... More

Daisy Hill Pharmacy

  We are continuing with our posts acknowledging those partners who are sponsoring the new jerseys.  This week we thank Daisy Hill Pharmacy Daisy Hill Pharmacy is a community pharmacy servicing the Daisy Hill and surrounding areas for the past forty years. Kirsty Allen is one of the owners of the Pharmacy and ... More