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President's Reflections 2016

At the start every soccer season I am always thinking about what I want to see lived out IN THE soccer ministry throughout the season...this year was no different.

At our Coaches and Managers night I challenged us all from 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind.” They were encouraged to...

Encourage - Call up...bring out the best in their players, do all they can to see them reach their potential. Call their potential into being…Be a Champion of encouragement…to encourage your coach or manager, encourage the leadership of the club…and encourage the referees.

Encourage - Turn up...be present at training, at games, be focussed and give your players and team attention. Keep an eye out for those who are struggling and are a little shy. Be patient and attentive to what is going on around you.

Encourage - Build up...we build up unity…no one is left behind or out…speak Life, encourage, don't pull down, strengthen and encourage everyone to give their best…being their best….HOPE IS BUILT UP…

Well, as the season has unfolded I've watched and listened as our 32 Coaches have sought to do this with their teams...encouraging approx. 360 players within our club from as young as 4 years of age to those in their 50s to achieve their best and work as a team.

Our 30 Managers have turned up week after week, supporting their coach and their team wherever possible, organising, washing, serving in whatever way possible.

Then there are our many family and friend supporters...for the most part...building up, encouraging, cheering and being there in the highs and lows, wins and losses.

So whatever role you played in the life of LUCSC in 2016....thank you!
Out of 17 teams who play in a competition that progresses to finals, we had 8 Teams who made it through to semis and preliminary finals.

We also had a large number of teams who just missed out, finishing the fixtures rounds in 5th place.

4 teams were minor premiers finishing on top of the table at the end of the normal fixtures rounds.

4 teams played Grand finals yesterday and 3 teams are champions for their age groups and 1 finished runners up...congratulations to these teams, their coaches and managers.

Apart from what happens on the field there is so much that occurs which supports keeping LUCSC operating throughout the season.

We've been so grateful to those who have helped out with field setup and pack up, Volunteered for the canteen, some staying longer when shifts were forgotten. The Calvary Christian College grounds staff who prepare our fields each week. Our Uniform coordinators, Richard and Anna, our Results coordinator, Naomi and our Fixtures Coordinator, Gail...no one’s efforts however great or small have gone unnoticed...they all add value to how we operate as a ministry...Thank you!

Including our management team, we have approx. 90 people who fulfil roles volunteering and contributing to the life of the soccer ministry. The challenge always faces us each year, how can we relieve workloads, how can we add value by developing other roles to grow our club and do things better. This year we brought on board a Development Officer and a Club Chaplain...next year we have more opportunities for people to serve and we are looking to expand our volunteer base, so we can improve and do things even better.

Opportunity exists for two new key roles...Communications Officer & Team Manager Coordinator. We are also going to be developing chaplaincy across the Club, team chaplains, age group chaplains, so we are hosting a Level 1 Certificate in Sports Chaplaincy, free of charge in October. These are new roles, but we are also looking for people to take over current roles at the end of 2017 because some of the management team members will be retiring, so we are looking for a trainee Registrar and trainee Treasurer in 2017.

As you can see volunteers are necessary for the life and growth of our soccer ministry...and its future development. I strongly encourage you to consider how you can contribute to the present and future of the LUCSC, and if you are interested, please talk to anyone in the management team, they will be more than willing to share what might be involved.

On a different note, our quest for lights this year has taken one step closer, with pre approval through the Forde Electorate. We are currently in final communications with the Federal Agency to hopefully complete stage 2 of our project, which is two light poles with lights. Hopefully these will be in place before the start of next season. We thank Federal Member - Bert Van Manen and the Forde electorate for their support.

Soccer....what a great game...I've watched some awesome games throughout the season and I'm sure you have...you've probably seen some wins, some losses and some draws. Some will be more memorable than others for various reasons…

RIO OLYMPICS 2016…a memorable game of soccer took place on Saturday 13 August…the quarter-final between the host nation…Brazil and our Australian Matildas. You may or may not have watched the game…but certainly plenty was said about it afterwards…the penalty shoot-out, HOW NERVE RACKING…the Brazilian Keeper, stepping off the mark, HOW WAS THAT NOT PULLED UP BY THE OFFICIALS…but this is what their coach ALEN STAJCIC said after their game…

‘We’re all gutted,’ ‘The players showed an amazing amount of courage, resilience and tenacity. We didn’t dominate the game technically or tactically. Though with all those attributes, we nullified Brazil to a large extent and created chances of our own. That was one of the best efforts I think I’ve seen from an Australian sporting team. Unfortunately, it’s courage in the face of defeat.”

Steph Catley posted on Instgram after the game, “It’s hard to put into words how proud I am to share the field with these warriors, and how lucky I am to have them as sisters.”

Caitlin Foord tweeted, “Proud of everyone tonight, we gave it everything. Thanks for all the support.”

Co-Captain Clare Polkinghorne tweeted, “No words. Just proud and honoured to stand beside these amazing footballers”.

You see these footballers, who I’m sure “called up and turn up to do their best” in RIO 2016, didn’t allow defeat to define them as losers…but they built up to speak hope…they were defined as COURAGEOUS, RESILIENT, TENACIOUS, GIVING THEIR BEST EFFORTS, WARRIORS, SISTERS, GAVE EVERYTHING, AMAZING!!!

That’s what it’s all about…football doesn’t define us…our wins and losses don’t define us…it’s our character and the person we are and the person we are becoming that defines us. Our wins and losses don’t define us in the eyes of our parents, family and friends…it’s how we stand as a person in the face of defeat or as a winner. When we can hold our heads high in defeat and walk in humility in the wins…WE ARE CHAMPIONS REGARDLESS!


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